About Manisha Dorawala

Manisha Dorawala is an avid traveler, cook, and restaurant connoisseur. We have a finite amount of time on this planet, and Manisha plans to explore as much of it as she can. She particularly enjoys exploring less discovered places in the world, and enjoys the perspective of area locals for recommendations so that she can completely immerse herself into a new way of life. Throughout her travels, Manisha Dorawala has developed a passion for cultural cuisine and after a trip often finds herself trying to pull together a meal inspired by one she’s discovered while away.

Growing up, Manisha Dorawala and her family spent time in India and San Francisco before finally settling in North Carolina. These experiences living in different parts of the world gave her a unique perspective into the variety of lives, histories, and cultures far and wide. At a young age, Manisha developed an appreciation for such diversity, and it has been a driving factor in her life ever since.